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Who I am

I'm a mom and a wife, I'm Italian, I love travellig and having a new life-project every day.

Life is magic, too short and really intense.

I believe in friendship and simplicity.

I prefer listening to people than talking.

Home is my shelter.

Houses are my passion.

After many years of work as a Marketing and Communication Manager, I decided to follow my passion.


Interior Design.

Now I'm helping poeple and friends to be braver and try to realize their "interiors" dreams.

I don't create nothing that doesn't already exist in every client's mind.

I only give them a shape.

And it is amazing!

I spend hours looking at fabrics, colours and patterns. 

Old furniture and stuff  make me crazy.

For this reason I also love restoring old chairs and re-upholstering them with unexpected combinations of colours, fabrics and patterns.

Unique handmade crafts.




Interior Designing, Home Staging and Upholstering

- Do you have a room to renovate or re-think about destination use or style?

- Are you moving in a new house and you need some ideas to refurnish it? 

- Do you feel your living space needs to be a bit different?

- Are you looking for a smart solution for your children bedroom?

- Do you need a multifunctional room where working, and relaxing, and gaming or indoor cycling or having pilates lesson?

- Are you struggling to find new places to stock your stuff?

- Are you thinking to organize a new work space for you or your husband?

- Do you need to  tidy up the looks of your house to sell or rent it out?

- Do you need to choose which furniture can give more value to your home?

I can project your space for you.

- Is there an old family chair in your house you don't really like? Maybe with a new touch it can become the most beautiful and fashinating piece of your living space...

- Is there old furniture that you want to restore or replace with a new one?

- Do you feel your dining chairs are too booring? Do you need more character in your living space?

I can help you to choose the perfect fabrics and re-upholster your old stuff tailoring them in your tastes.

My projects

My projects

Parnassusweg 26 III_MR_13
an original interpretation of an old imperial style chiar
an ageless elegant blue lady





Tel: +39 333 5471655 (IT)

 Tel: +31 6 38740870 (NL)

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